1376-RS: deep purple glutton for punishment – LIVE IN JAPAN VOL. 1 [Riot At The Budokan] plus Rainbow’s Sapporo 1978 Incident

Side A:     Highway Star / Smoke On The Water
Side B:     Strange Kind Of Woman / Child In Time

First half of the show. I could not find any earlier release of this material so far.

“Riot At The Budokan” is not a subtitle found on this album but it really should have been. I guess one could not hear what happened after the band ended the gig on the source tape. Japanese audiences are usually known for being appreciative and polite but something really set the crowd off when the band shuffled offstage and never returned for an encore after “Space Truckin'” at one of the last DP MK II gigs on June 25, 1973. As a result, the next day’s show at the Budokan had to be cancelled due to damage inflicted by the rioting fans.

The complete show consisted of:

01. Intro  04:24
02. Highway Star 08:47
03. Smoke On The Water  09:48
04. Strange Kind Of Woman 12:28
05. Child In Time 12:10
06. Lazy (intro: America) 10:15
07. The Mule 07:31
08. Space Truckin’  (intro Also Sprach Zarathustra) 22:18
09. Outro 12:18

This Japanese bootleg LP seems to have been released around 1980/81:

The band did not give a toss, of course. That had been their set list at pretty much every show throughout Europe and North America that year – occasionally, they had played “Lucille” after “Space Truckin'” – and they weren’t going to change that in Japan.

[The date that this happened on is somewhat in dispute due to an article in German Teen magazine “Bravo”. One of their biggest assets was their photo editor Didi Zill who became friends with a lot of bands, including Deep Purple and who took these images. The article from issue #30 1973 (see below), claims that the incident happened on June 27th.

Most likely the Japan leg looked like this:

23 June 1973 Hiroshima, Shiei Taikukan
24 June 1973 Nagoya, Shikokaido
25 June 1973 Tokyo, Budokan

26 June 1973 Tokyo, Budokan  *** cancelled ***

27 June 1973 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall

29 June 1973 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall

(some sources claim two shows were played on the 29th)]


It should be noted that this was already the second riot within two weeks (!) that the band was directly responsible for after refusing to go on stage at Cornell University’s Schoellkopf Stadium in Ithaca, NY on June 12, when a thunderstorm approached and the 50,000 strong crowd did not take kindly to the news that DP weren’t going to perform.

Disaster, unfortunately, stayed somewhat close to the members of DP. During their visit to Indonesia in December of 1975, Tommy Bolin’s body guard Patsy Collins was killed in a freak accident by falling down an elevator shaft.  [Jon Lord and Glen Hughes stated they are convinced that this had been ‘arranged’ in order to stop the band from collecting all of their concert receipts.   “There’s an interesting note at the end of the “Gettin’ Tighter” documentary saying that the opinions expressed by JL and GH concerning the circumstances surrounding the death of Patsy Collins reflect solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of David Coverdale.”].

In January of 1978 an audience member died during Rainbow’s second Japan tour:

27.01.1978 Nakajima Sports Centre, Sapporo, Japan
Young female college student Junko Jawaharada was killed and several others injured as the crowd rushed the stage
(from rainbowfanclan.com)

Rainbow 1978

Images taken from the excellent purple.de website

23 Jun 1973 – Hiroshima, Shiei Taikukan Hall

24 Jun 1973 – Nagoya, Shikokaido Hall

25 Jun 1973 – Tokyo, Budokan Hall

29 Jun 1973 – Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall

Bravo magazine 1973 article:


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