1967-RS: bad company live in japan

A Japanese bootleg LP called LIVE 1975 MARCH on the OG label (# 859) exists with a slightly changed song order and this may well be a copy of that album (see below).

Side 1: Shooting Star / Deal With The Preacher / Ready For Love / Feel Like Making Love

Side 2: Seagull / Can’t Get Enough of Your Love / The Stealer / Good Loving Gone Bad

The date was most likely March 3rd 1975 at the Budokan.

Bad Co L1975March sm

Bad Co L1975March lbl

Bad Co L1975March lbl 2

Title · LIVE 1975 MARCH
Jacket label · No Label
Record label · OG-859
Matrix · OG-859 A / B


Deal With The Preacher
Ready For Love
Feel Like Makin ‘Love
Shooting Star


Can’t Get Enough
The Stealer
Good Loving Gone Bad


allmusic.com has this to say about the TAKRL LP:

“The sound quality on Live in Japan is decent — not great, but decent — and Bad Company is in good form during a show that includes favorites from Straight Shooter (including “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Deal With the Preacher,” “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad,” and “Shooting Star”) and its self-titled debut album (most notably, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Ready for Love”). Even though Live in Japan isn’t the ideal document of Bad Company on stage in the 1970s, it’s an enjoyable bootleg that has more plusses than minuses.”

These following comments are from collectorsmusic.com and were made about the 2007 Tarantura CD “Boot Co” (Tarantura TCDBC-1-1, 2), complete with a re-designed TMOQ sticker:

Budokan, Tokyo, Japan – March 3rd, 1975

Disc 1 BAD:  Opening, Deal With The Preacher, Rock Steady, Little Miss Fortune, Ready For Love, Whiskey Bottle, Feel Like Makin’ Love, Shooting Star, Seagull

Disc 2 GOOD:  Intermission, Bad Company, Easy On My Soul, Movin’ On, Can’t Get Enough, The Stealer, Good Lovin’ Gone Bad

“Boot Co from Tarantura features a good somewhat distant audience source from Budokan in support of Bad Company’s second album, Straight Shooter. The upper frequencies are clear in the mix and guitar and vocals stand out in the recording but the tape catches a bit of the echo from the venue which affects mainly the clarity in Boz Burrell’s bass. There is also very little audience interference making the recording more enjoyable.”

Assuming that the above tape has the actual running order of the gig, the LP has been chopped up on Side 1, had the order changed and is missing almost half of the show [but then again, they were not going to make it a double LP and had to select what they felt would sell, I understand that]:

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