TAKRL says: “This is The complete listing of all the official Amazing Kornyfone record label projects that appeared as a result of the collaborated creative effort of the original trio of Anytown Whizz kids: Dr.Terrence H.’Telly’Fone, Arthur ‘Art’Gnuvo and Deek Kibard. However other, more limited collaborations should be noted for accuracy’s sake: After the Doctor’s death, a fourth round of post-1984 TAKRL projects were briefly considered. However, sorrowfulness and lack of definite guidance brought on by the Doctor’s passing squashed this idea properly.

One project did appear though. As a personal favor to Ted McCue, Art and Deek packaged some Dylan tapes into unofficial but existent TAKRL 1999 Bob Dylan Bridgett’s Album. But if you read the cover you realize the foreboding that existed at that time. After this well meaning but misguided attempt, we never ever called on the Doctor’s ghost again.”

And the writing on the cover said:

“If only the doctor were alive to see me now/ Years ago on Fairfax it began with the blank one with smerey tops/ it progressed, even disguised it seems, to various plateaus in various states of dark reality around the hemisphere – years later it seemed that other pressing (no fun) matters persisted – once it was scruples, now it becomes throats – none deep enough but all hollow inside/ Our special thanks to everyone who listened for they were for you TAKRL 1999 (The End).”   [Whatever a “smerey top” is, Heylin left that part out in his book.]


Dylan B Bridgett's A 1

From Interestingly enough, this 1977 [1976] TAKRL ‘Farewell’ LP used the same title as the 1974 TMQ ‘Farewell’ LP.
And, as with TMQ, TAKRL still went on after the ‘last’ LP… only under different names. The Fort Collins show is the “Hard Rain” broadcast. These are the songs that were not included on the  CBS LP.

Read all about – and view clips from the broadcast – here.

Side 1: Colorado State University 
(Hughes stadium, Fort Collins May 23rd 1976) 
Side 2: Woody Guthrie Memorial – 
(Carnegie Hall, NY January 20th 1968) Except:
*CBS Live LP-  RAH  London May ’66 

Side one:
Hard rain
Blowin’ in the wind
Railroad boy

Side two:
I ain’t got no home
Dear Mrs Rooseveldt
Grand Coulee dam
Ballad of a thin man*
Like a rolling stone* 

8 stars

“In 1977, Art and Deek packaged a version of Mick Jigger’s Cocksucker Blues and the Rolling Stones Fucking Andrew Oldham as a ten-inch record under the name ‘Nanker Phlege’ [sic] doing Schoolboy Blues/Andrew’s Blues on Earthful Records [see below for the correct name] manufactured and distributed by another label. It was a pure labor of love. You bet.

And observant eyes will note Art’s contribution to many albums over the years usually in the best of taste, often though not. Naughty Art explains his misbehavior as a response to hunger and sometimes, yes, sometimes, just greed. He promises to never, if given the chance, do it again (“Honest” says`Art).
The Amazing Kornyfone record label ceased to function July 4, 1976 with Dr. Terrence H.’Telly’fone`s bizarre crossbow death. All final projects were issued shortly thereafter and the entire Anytown complex was then auctioned off and all the master tapes and artwork put in a well-deserved storage, where they remain to this day. The good Doctor was laid to rest in the southeast hillside of the Anytown Community Memorial Electrical Commemorative Park in Anytown, U.S.A.
A few month later, the Doctor’s current wife, Princess, went over to the other side one night in her sleep. She’ll be buried next to the Doctor in the adjoining Anytown perpetual honey-moon crypt once we recover her body.


* Art Gnuvo, our graphics controller and calligrapher, currently resides in a European country where he personally numbered every limited-edition colored-vinyl record issued by major non-anglo label. He has lost almost all of his hair in the process.

* Deek Kibard continues to reside in the United States of America. He was last reported in Northern California with a comely Southern California beach amazon in tow mumbling about the need to continue an interesting but interrupted series of interpersonal genetic experimentations. He seemed determined to delve .She seemed bound to please.

* The Magic Patchbay is now a state senator in the Midwest United States.

* Roy N. Oak designs titles and end graphics for a San Francisco pornography firm.

* W.Z. Ardo operates the world’s only vinyl library in Racine, Wisconsin or he butchers hogs in Los Angeles, California. The rumors aren’t clear.

* Hugh Jordan trains dolphins in an American East Coast aquatic park with his second wife.

* Ted McCue, our initial guiding light, presently guides wine-making processes on his estate in Western France. The Amazing Kornyfone Record label was divided into two distinct branches: The Creative Staff and the Marketing Staff. The Creative was outlined above. Ted McCue headed the marketing lads and it was his energy and dedication that brought our small efforts to your attention. We put up with the artistic assholes. Ted and his friends contended with the business assholes. We wish Ted and, well just everybody, a most sincere thanks you for all the support and encouragement over the years.


  1. John said:

    Amazing and great creative words and story’s from the folks of Takrl….!! Their fantasy in tellin’ fairytales are unbeatable.!!
    Wonder if the doctor really was killed by an Arrow.
    Hopefully one day the real TAKRL crew stands up and tell their stories!!

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