TAKRL says:

“A curious story about this project. Creating this album the Doctor met his unfortunate untimely unwarranted demise. Everyone in Anytown lost interest in this project and gave it to another label who issued it in a pleasing but inaccurate form. After the Doctor was finally laid to rest, Deek and Art re-mastered the tapes, completed the original art-work and this ‘Original’ but now-reissued resulted.”

“Real Good Time Together”, “Set Me Free”, “Ain’t It Strange”, “Kimberly”, “Redondo Beach”, “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie” — side 1
“Pumping (My Heart)”, “Birdland”, “Gloria”, “My Generation” — side 2
Recording of Patti’s Roxy (L.A.) concert, Jan 30, 1976. Sound quality and performance excellent (Iggy Pop makes a surprise appearance). This is probably the most copied Patti bootleg — [having been released as] Canine Teardrops (TAKRL 1982), Patti Smith (Fantasy Discos F7854), Teenage Perversity and Ships in the Night (TAKRL 919), and unlabeled. The Fantasy Discos and TAKRL 919 versions have deluxe B/W covers; the rest are blank or have paper inserts.
Front & back of the ‘Fantasy Discos’ version. Although they look like they contain different tracks, this is not actually the case.
And the ZAP version:
Source: Broadcast on KMET
[When a tape of the radio broadcast was shared on dimeadozen.org in July 0f 2012 the following issues emerged:]
Based on the two sources, this would be the complete setlist:
01  We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together
02  Privilege
03  Ain’t It Strange
04  Kimberly
05  Redondo Beach
06  Free Money *
07  Pale Blue Eyes
08  Pumping
09  Birdland
10  Break It Up *
11  Land/Gloria **
12  My Generation
* only available on this source
** only available on “Teenage Perversity” There are other differences as well, as pointed out before, and there are cuts on this source that aren’t present on the bootleg source and vice versa. To get a definitive document, someone would have to correct the speed/pitch on both versions and get them to match, and then do a matrix of the two so that the missing parts of one would be filled in by the other. Yes, “Teenage Perversity” runs incredibly fast. This source might be running a touch slow.
[A final comment on the speed issue:]
“Just roughly compared the pace of ‘teenage perversity’ and the Bottom Line concert from 1975-12-27. Teenage Perversity:
Real Good Time Together has about 180 clicks – My Generation about 117 (half notes) Bottom Line 1975-12-27:
Real Good Time Together has about 175 clicks – My Generation about 113 (half notes) When changing the pitch of teenage perversity one half-step down, the pace becomes about one click slower than Bottom Line 1975-12-27. So the difference in pace seems to be in an usual range, though it sounds more dramatically. A part of this effect could be based on the quite harsh sound. As long as we have no reports about them using a lower tuning, I’d assume, they just were on fire… or on whatever ;)”
From allmusic.com:
“Patti Smith released some good albums, but any serious fan of hers will tell you that she performed most of her material better live. There are a number of fine Patti Smith bootlegs, but this one — taken from a January 1976 show at the Roxy in Los Angeles, with near-perfect fidelity — is both her best and her best-known. Besides incendiary versions of several songs from her first few LPs, it features covers of “Louie Louie,” “My Generation” (with John Cale guesting), and The Velvet Underground’s “We’re Gonna Have a Good Time Together” and “Pale Blue Eyes,” as well as entertaining between-song raps and even a brief cameo by Iggy Pop. It’s no exaggeration to claim that this may be her best album, and one of the best ’70s punk/new wave albums of all.”
[Seems harder to find than other TAKRL titles. The text above suggests that this was released later under the originally reserved release number. I’d love to know if the releases listed above have any differences in sound quality. TAKRL’s cover is definitely considerably more classy than what ZAP came up with.
So great is the reputation of this recording that when Patti played my hometown this year, one newspaper mentioned “Teenage Perversity…” in its review.]

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