RM AMTHGFTAKRL says: “Only 1000 made. New live material surfaced shortly after this appeared so that material plus the live material on this album were edited together to make Roxy 1977.”

1.     Mother Of Pearl     6:03*  
2.     Out Of The Blue     4:23*
3.     Do The Strand     3:38*
4.     The Pride And The Pain     4:12     
5.     Hula-Kula     2:35     
6.     Re-Make, Re-Model     2:42     
7.     If It Takes All Night     3:20*  
8.     Virginia Plain     3:12*  
9.     Editions Of You     3:47*   
10.     Re-Make/Re-Model     4:12* 
11.     Your Application’s Failed     4:41     
12.     Pyjamarama II     3:02

1-3 & 7-10 Newcastle City Hall – October 28, 1974 [Roxy’s official live album VIVA! was compiled from this gig, the source here is a radio broadcast. Compare ”Out of the Blue” and “Do The Strand”, which are identical plus overdubs. roxierama.com comments: “(Eddie) Jobsons violin solo on Out of the Blue being an obvious example. The other songs from this show demonstrate that Roxy were the strongest they had ever been (or ever would be) as a live band.]
04 – Pyjamarama 45 b-side
05 – Street Life 45 b-side
06 – You go to my head b-side ( Re-Make/Re-Model (reworked) ) – Bryan Ferry b-side, 1975
11 – All I want is you 45 b-side
12 – BBC radio session, recorded March 5, 1973

roxyrama rating: 8 stars for sound, 10 for performance = overall 9.

Review from allmusic.com: “The material on this bootleg LP falls into two categories: live performances in England in the mid-’70s and studio outtakes from 1972 and 1973. Unfortunately, TAKRL (one of the top bootleg labels of the ’70s) doesn’t provide any recording dates or tell us where in England the live performances were recorded. But they were probably recorded during Roxy Music‘s British tour of 1974, which was among the tours that resulted in the art rockers’ superb live album Viva!. “Superb” is also a word that describes the live portion of Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fondle — the sound quality is first-rate (by ’70s standards), and performances of “Virginia Plain,” “Do the Strand,” “Out of the Blue,” “If It Takes All Night,” and “Mother of Pearl” are as forceful as they are inspired. It’s interesting to hear how gritty and tough Bryan Ferry and his colleagues sound on these 1974 performances; as arty as these songs are, the band definitely rocks hard without apology. Meanwhile, “Pyjamarama” and “Re-make/Re-model” are among the studio outtakes, which are interesting if you’re a seasoned Roxy Music fan but wouldn’t be meaningful to more casual listeners. Of course, seasoned fans — not casual listeners — are who bootleggers target, and Absinthe is a record that seasoned Roxy Music fans were happy to get their hands on in the ’70s.”

TAKRL says: “This record replaced 1978 when the following album was deleted after one pressing.”

A1    Love Is the Drug         4:15
A2    She Sells         3:08
A3    Mother of Pearl         6:03
A4    Out of Blue         4:23
A5    Do the Strand         3:38
B1    The Thrill of It All         6:15
B2    Whirlwind         5:03
B3    If It Takes All Night         3:20
B4    Editions of You         3:47
B5    Re-Make/Re-Model         4:12

Source: A1, A2 & B1, B2: The Beacon Theater, NY – November 26 1975; A3 – A5 & B3 – B5: Newcastle, City Hall – October 28 1974

roxyrama rating: Same as for Absinthe…


Also see the following info from a torrent:

Roxy Music Britsh Biscuit + KBFH 1974-75

Roxy Music (Strawbs also on the show) – City Hall Newcastle, England, October 28th 1974
British Biscuit / WBCN-FM Broadcast; Total Time: 23:17

1. British Biscuit Intro
2. Mother of Pearl
Out of the Blue (Officially Released on Viva-not included)
3. If It Takes All Night
4. Virginia Plain
5. Editions of You
6. Re-make/Re-model
7. British Biscuit Commercial Break
Do the Strand (Officially Released on Viva-not included)

Roxy Music (Labelle also on the show) – The Beacon Theatre (New York, NY), November 26, 1975
King Biscuit Flour Hour / WBCN-FM Broadcast Total Time: 24:41

1. KBFH Intro
2. Love is the Drug
3. She sells
4. The Thrill of it All
5. KBFH Commercial Break
6. Out of the Blue
7. Eddie Jobson Solo
8. Whirlwind
9. KBFH Outro

The Newcastle show can be listened to in its entirety here: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/roxy-music/concerts/city-hall-october-28-1974.html

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