Source: Empire Pool, Wembley – April 15th 1975; BBC / Westwood One broadcast of partial show

From the rockonvinyl blog: “On April 14th 1975, Genesis performed “The Lamb” at Empire POOL in Wembley, London, the first of only 15 “Lamb Shows” to be performed on British soil.
The following night’s show was recorded by the BBC, but only highlight of this recording ever reached the airwaves, leaving fans to wonder whether or not the complete soundboard recording may still be in existence in the vaults. The famous partial broadcast gave birth to what is probably the most “bootlegged” Genesis concert ever. From the original vinyl LP, “Awed Man Out”, to “The Light Goes Down On An Empire” a Japanese CD release, this recording has gone a string of different versions, varying in quality as well as content. This particular release (by TAKRL) is rated as an A recording – and is one of the best sounding bootlegs in my record collection. If memory serves me right, I purchased this from the Victoria Market, Melbourne in 1976-77 for about $10.
Format: 12″ single, 33 RPM. Plain White Sleeve with insert of various colours (yellow/blue, red/blue, red/white, brown/pink and so on) on plain white, plain mustard. Second pressing, always with paper insert, on “SPINDIZZIE” labels or “WORLD RECORD” labels. Third pressing, again with paper insert, on “SPUNK” labels. The tracks on the cover are different. There is a fourth very rare limited edition (100 copies) of the first pressing with multicoloured vinyl.”

A1 Cuckoo Cocoon 2:21
A2 Back In N.Y.C. 6:10
A3 Hairless Heart 2:20
A4 The Carpet Crawlers 5:35
A5 Lilywhite Lilith 2:40
B1 The Waiting Room/Anyway 13:03
B2 Ravine 4:40
B3 The Light Dies Down On Broadway 3:35
B4 Riding The Scree 4:02

[Those interested in the ca.1563 different versions of this date – complete audience, one Westwood One version after another, FMs, pre-FMs, BBC reel, BBC&Westwood matrixes and upgrades of upgrades… – are best directed to the genesis-movement website. On the question of THE Best Lamb live recording? g-m votes for the soundboard from Lakeland, FL on January 11 ’75 while others prefer later in the tour.]

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