TAKRL says: “Groucho is hidden on the cover. Drawing by Roy N. Oak.” [Did anyone find Groucho yet? It’s hard to get find an image with good resolution for this.]

A1         King Of The Universe / Bluebird Is Dead / Oh No Not Susan / New World Rising     16:45     
A2         I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head     5:25     
B1         Roll Over Beethoven     5:32     
B2         Ma-Ma-Ma Belle     4:36     
B3         The Hall Of The Mountain King / Great Balls Of Fire     4:32     
B4         Do Ya     4:36

Tracks A1 + B1: Recorded live at the St. Sodium Glutamate Aquarium. [I guess they lost the source info]
Tracks A2: From the “Our Friend The Atom” television program.
Tracks B2 – B3: From Pauley Pavillion, UCLA
Tracks B4: From Massey Hall Toronto


  1. nigel dodds said:

    hi there,
    the st. sodium glutamate aquarium parts of this lp sound identical to a bbc ‘in concert’ recording,
    if so it’s from the golders green hippodrome in london and was recorded on 25 01 74. good luck with sourcing
    the other stuff…

  2. Lou Ming said:

    Looks like Groucho’s in the bottom right quadrant!

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