A1         The Night Watch     4:26     
A2         Starless     11:38     
A3         Easy Money     5:55     
B1         The Great Deceiver     4:08     
B2         Lament     4:01     
B4         Exiles     5:48     
B5         21st Century Shizoid Man     9:10

From a King Crimson bootleg site: “One of the best and famous K.C. bootlegs, another high standard release from Takrl label. Hot Wacks credits the concert as Pennsylvania State University, 06/29/1974, but probably the correct recording date is 04/29/1974 at Stanley Warner Theatre in Pittsburgh. Sound quality excellent and higly emotional. We have to say that Book of Saturday and Schizoid Man are the same from UN REVE as many times it has happen used as tape filling. As a cover we have a classical insert, showing a deep forest and overimpressed an electric box from L.A. city named “Time Switch”. As any Takrl release there are differente labels, white or yellow with side one/two on it, white or black with World Records on it, yellow and black with the Oh Boy guy. Matrix number is Takrl 1968 A/B. Printed in the mid of the ’70.”

From dgmlive.com, where the complete show can be purchased:

April 29, 1974  Stanley Warner Theatre    Pittsburgh, PA
A cracking, take-no-prisoners version of The Great Deceiver opens this defining, much bootlegged performance from 1974. For those who prefer a pastoral Crim, look no further than the sublime improv Daniel Dust that quells a boisterous crowd (including yelled requests for Ladies of the Road) and elegantly sets up a reflective Night Watch. This is desert island stuff indeed.



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