TAKRL says: “First edition contained a back cover.”

Recording date: December 13 & 14, 1973 [I’m sticking my neck out that these are the actual recording dates for the TAKRL recording – NOT December 9th, 1972 as everyone keeps repeating – see following text. It just does not make sense that there were two shows with two very different casts on the same night. ]

Comments from Wikipedia:

On 9 December 1972, entrepreneur Lou Reizner presented a concert version of Tommy at the Rainbow Theatre, London. There were two performances that took place on the same evening. The concerts featured the Who, plus a guest cast, backed by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Measham. The concerts were held to promote the release of Reizner’s new studio recording of this symphonic version of Tommy, which was released on Ode Records

Both in concert and on record, major singing roles were performed by leading pop and rock stars of the day – Graham Bell (as The Lover), Maggie Bell (as The Mother), Sandy Denny (as The Nurse), Steve Winwood (as The Father), Rod Stewart (as The Local Lad), Richie Havens (as The Hawker), Merry Clayton (as The Acid Queen) and Ringo Starr (as Uncle Ernie). Pete Townshend also plays a bit of guitar, but otherwise the music is predominantly orchestral. Richard Harris sang-talked the role of the specialist on the record, but he was replaced by Peter Sellers for the stage production, which was repeated with a substantially different cast including David Essex, Elkie Brooks, Marsha Hunt, Vivian Stanshall, Roy Wood, and Jon Pertwee on 13 and 14 December 1973.

THE WHO Tommy (1973 UK 20-page programme for the Lou Reizner production of Tommy performed on 13th and 14th December 1973, by the London Symphony Orchestra and the English Chamber Choir with guest soloist appearances by Roger Daltry, David Essex,Roger Chapman, Elkie Brooks, Marsha Hunt, Roy Wood, Vivian Stanshall and Billie Oddie. The programme includes cast member biographies and great photographs, with black, red and yellow ‘Tommy’ logo front cover).
    Side 1

 1. Overture
 2. It’s A Boy
 3. 1921
 4. Amazing Journey
 5. Sparks
 6. Eyesight To The Blind
 7. Christmas

    Side 2

 1. Cousin Kevin
 2. The Acid Queen
 3. Underture
 4. Do You Think It’s Alright?
 5. Fiddle About
 6. Pinball Wizard

    Side 3

 1. There’s A Doctor I’ve Found (sic There’s A Doctor)
 2. Go To The Mirror Boy (sic Go To The Mirror)
 3. Tommy Can You Hear Me
 4. Smash The Mirror
 5. I’m Free
 6. Miracle Cure
 7. Sensation

    Side 4

 1. Sally Simpson
 2. Welcome
 3. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
 4. We’re Not Gonna Take It

  1. sacdtodvda said:

    You are correct – this one of the two 1973 shows, and NOT 1972. Which show? Depends on who sings Eyesight To The Blind – Richie Havens the first night, and Australian Ronnie Charles the second night.

  2. Warspite said:

    It’s funny about the ’73 album. I remember looking it over in the record department at Korvette’s and trying to figure out, “what the hell?”. Wish I had picked it up, if only for Sandy singing the Nurse role. Though only in my early teens it was one of the first moments I was able to put something tangible to there being substantial differences between US and UK culture. The whole project would have been inconceivable in the States.

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