A1 – Dancing out with the moonlit knight (8:43)
A2 – The cinema show (10:47) [Aisle Of Plenty is not present despite what the cover says]
B1 – Supper’s ready (23:24)

The cover information is [surprise!] incorrect regarding the dates, cities and venues. Based on what can be found on prrp-music.org (“For many years, only three songs from this concert were available to Genesis fans…”), the source tape was an audience recording from January 13, 1974 at the Hippodrome Theater in Bristol, UK from the start of the 2nd UK/Europe leg of the ‘Selling England’ Tour.

From the taper himself, we have the following description of the recording:

“Mostly Selling England material, it was recorded on a Sony TC-150 reel to reel with Shure mics. I am pretty sure I was seen by Hackett at least as I was sitting on the floor stage center about 30 feet back, the mics were on a small gooseneck. However, the Sony had a switch to turn off its internal speaker and I had forgotten to turn it off, this means you get some annoying feedback, not loud, but audible in very quite passages, most notably when Gabriel talks (as he does at length) between tracks.”

“A 50 minute section of my tape was released as the bootleg album ‘Awed Man Out’ [obviously *not* AWED MAN OUT as that is the famous Lamb FM broadcast from Wembley, April 15 ’75] where it claims to be ‘live in Canada’. I have absolutely no idea who did this, certainly wasn’t me, I gave a dub to a couple of people… .”

The complete source tape was remastered and made available in digital Format as PRRP GS 010 “Bristol Melody Of 1974”:

Disc One
01.    Watcher Of The Skies    08:31
02.    The Story Of Britannia    01:40
03.    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight    08:55
04.    The Story Of Romeo & Juliet    02:03
05.    The Cinema Show    11:35
06.    I Know What I Like    05:48
07.    The Story Of Five Rivers    02:14
08.    Firth Of Fifth    10:05
09.    The Story Of Henry & Cynthia    02:14
10.    The Musical Box    10:43

Disc Two
01.    Horizons    02:28
02.    More Fool Me    03:40
03.    The Battle Of Epping Forest    12:24
04.    The Story Of Old Michael    03:17
05.    Supper’s Ready    23:39

  1. nigel dodds said:

    i think ‘dancing with the moonlit…’ and ‘cinema show’
    are from a different source but don’t wish to contradict
    the original taper…. so i’m off to check

  2. nigel dodds said:

    according to ‘play me my song’ published by SAF (2004) ‘dancing..’ & ‘cinema..’ are likely to be from massey hall toronto
    08 11 73. i know they’re not form the bristol tape, the pre-track introductions are different

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