This cover was “borrowed” from an image in the 1974 art book “Rock Dreams” by Guy Peellaert & Nik Cohn. I hope they were pleased.

1.     People Are Strange     2:22     
2.     Alabama Song     3:40     
3.     Crystal Ship     2:50     
4.     Unhappy Girl     4:10     
5.     Moonlight Drive     5:35     
6.     Summers Almost Gone     3:41     
7.     Twentieth Century Fox     2:50     
8.     Back Door Man     5:37     
9.     My Eyes Have Seen You     2:55     
10.     Soul Kitchen     4:12     
11.     Get Off My Life     4:06     
12.     Crawling King Snake     5:40    

Source: Live at the Matrix in San Francisco, 1976

“Arguably the most famous (and valuable) professionally recorded live document left behind by the Doors, the Matrix live recordings from March of 1967 have appeared in numerous different bootleg versions, including (for those with long memories) some woefully inadequate vinyl editions from the late ’70s and early ’80s.”

  1. Erik T said:

    I think I got rid of this one, I know I used to have it with Spindizzie labels I believe, and it sucked- it played slow, even to my tone deaf ears, usually it takes a musician or someone to tell Meir a recording is playing too fast or slow.

  2. In the 90’s there was a 4cd box set called The Complete Matrix Tapes out and still available if you look real hard and the sound is fairly decent with a nicely printed book in English and Italian. The Matrix owned Jorma Kaukonen of the Airplane had a reel to reel recorder in house and the Doors played there on march 7th and 10th 1967 that were recorded and only one version of the end only the oedipal section survived due to the machine not running but otherwise they are the most complete collection of those shows. The vinyl boots that circulated were on various labels; waggle(US/UK), dinosaur(US), black panther(Quebec), octopus records(Italy) etc and also varied in sound quality. Depending on which label decided to put more effort in to them. Having versions from every source it was easy to tell that waggle and dinosaur were tops as far as sound but Octopus records put out the most lavish packaging. Black panther was sloppy at best and most of the albums were a compilation of both dates instead of just one show.

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