[Definitely the best Dylan cover TAKRL ever did, in my humble opinion, although I have since gained an appreciation of Roy N. Oak’s drawings.]

From bobsboots.com:

source: CBS Live Recording

Side one:
Last thoughts on Woody Guthrie *
Lay down your weary tune
Dusty old Fair grounds *
Ballad of Hollis Brown *
Side two:
When the ship comes in
Who killed Davy Moore?
Percy’s song
New Orleans rag *
Seven curses

The title of this LP is, of course, in reference to the McCarthy era question “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?” Fitting, as Bob is in his early “protest the corruption of established authority” incarnation. No song said it better than John Birch, but on this recording, Percy’s Song and Seven Curses tell the story. The sub-title refers to his ingress (or coming into) Gotham (a Batman inspired reference to New York City). Gotham, in actuality, is in Jersey.

An incredible sounding 1974 TAKRL release. 

The source is the famous unreleased CBS album of the concert at Carnegie Hall, Oct 26 1963 and *NY Town Hall – April 12, 1963. The shows were recorded to be released as a live Columbia album, but disputes arose (including CBS hesitating on the release of the well over 6 minute rambling soliloquy “Last Thoughts”). This seems to be the thorn in the side that doomed the project. 

Also released in a hand made cover (the rumored Berkeley LP)  entitled: Live at Carnegie Hall 1963

 9 stars


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