TAKRL says: “The popularity of this collection helped English DECCA reissue the original.”

Track Listing:

The Saga of Rodney Toady:

    2’29 Northmeadow (Peter Giles)
    2’07 Newly-weds (Peter Giles)
    2’25 One in a Million (Michael Giles)
    2’31 Call Tomorrow (Peter Giles)
    1’50 Digging My Lawn (Peter Giles)
    2’48 Little Children (Fripp)
    1’35 The Crukster (Michael Giles)
    2’50 Thursday Morning (Michael Giles)

Just George:

    2’14 How Do They Know (Michael Giles)
    3’15 Elephant Song (Michael Giles)
    3’06 The Sun is Shining (Michael Giles)
    5’33 Suite No. 1 (Fripp) => Reviews
    5’05 Erudite Eyes (Fripp)

From a reviewer:

“In the Jan. of 1975 I came by this album on a TAKRL bootleg LP. With Exploding Head coversheet! and Brand New in a plastic wrap! It contains two pieces that even my boss would listen to at work: Suite No.1 and Erudite Eyes. In the seventies the record seemed dated and somewhat pretentious, because the seventies was so far away from the sixties, but it has become a period piece that demonstrates Mr Fripp’s musical dexterity and potential of direction. Late in the 90’s I saw Cheerful on CD for the first time (albeit secondhand), and realised that I think I do prefer KC on vynal, scratch and hiss and warts and all. It’s a friendlier sound, more personal. I recommend also two other bootlegs: HERETIC:Long Lost at last… and Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale.” 



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