TAKRL says:

“The original issue cover was printed with fluorescent pink ink.”

Source : Hippodrome, Golders Green, London  July 14 ’74
Quality: Broadcast (FM) Excellent

1.     Victoria     3:22         
2.     Here Comes Yet Another Day     4:45         
3.     Money Talks     3:45     
4.     Dedicated Follower Of Fashion     1:45         
5.     Mirror Of Love     3:34         
6.     Celluloid Heroes     5:22     
7.     Here Comes Flash     3:05     
8.     Demolition     3:40         
9.     He’s Evil     3:56         
10.   Lola     4:15    

From collectorsmusicreviews:

“The first BBC Transcription discs were circulated for syndicated radio with ”You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night” omitted.  A second edit, sent to United States radio stations, omit the medley and also omit ”Daylight.”

The excellent sound quality and readily available discs ensured many versions.  All unofficial releases come from these two sources.  On vinyl [the TMOQ LP] Long Tall Sally has three songs, “Here Comes Another Day,’ “Medley: Skin And Bone – Dry Bones” and “Celluloid Heroes,” along with other radio broadcasts.  [The TAKRL LP] Survivors contains the American edit and an additional omission of the final song “Skin And bones.”  The most complete vinyl titles are The Kinks Presenting John Gosling complete and You Really Got Me which both have the BBC Transcription disc broadcast.”

German 1990 bootleg, contains a booklet.

The show can now be found here: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/the-kinks/concerts/hippodrome-theatre-july-14-1974.html


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