Thanks to rune for the scans.

“Before the Doctor began TAKRL-issued discs, he and Art Gnuvo packaged and compiled two (and just two) Phonograph records. When TAKRL got settled it was decided to re-issue these albums on TAKRL, where they belonged. This was the first reissue of the two. We commissioned a new front cover from Roy and back cover from Art for the occasion and we changed the name.”

Source: Long Beach Arena, July 28 1972

Side 1: Tarkus—Eruption/ Stone Of Years/ Iconoclast/ Mass/ Manticore/ Battlefield (including Epitaph)/ Aquatarkus (25:13)
Side 2: Endless Enigma Part 1/ Pigue/ The Endless Enigma Part 2 (8:06)/ The Sheriff (3:02)/ Take A Pebble/ Lucky Man (8:09)
Side 3: Take A Pebble (Reprise) (9:42)/ Pictures At An Exhibition/ Promenade/ The Hut Of Baba Yaga/ The Great Gates Of Kiev (16:37)
Side 4: Hoedown (3:42)/ Grand Finale (Rondo) (18:03)


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