Source:  BBC, Paris Theatre, London, April 30 1970

From an online review:


One of the best Traffic bootlegs that surfaced in the 1970s was On, By the Way, which documents a 1970 concert in London that was broadcast by the BBC. Among vinyl collectors, this LP has a fine reputation — and deservedly so. The sound quality is excellent, and Traffic is in top form on gems that range from the traditional folk classic “John Barleycorn” and the moody, jazz-influenced “No Time to Live” to the funky blue-eyed soul ditty “Medicated Goo.” Equally strong are Traffic’s inspired performances of “Pearly Queen,” “Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?” and “Empty Pages.” Boasting Stevie Winwood on vocals and guitar, Jim Capaldi on percussion and keyboards, and Chris Wood on bass, sax, and flute; On, By the Way is a bootleg that Traffic collectors went out of their way to search for in the ’70s. “

The show can be listened to here: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/traffic/concerts/paris-theatre-april-30-1970.html


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