TAKRL says:

“First VDGG/PH underground”

A1                   Man-Erg          10:27

A2                   W        5:22

A3                   Killer    7:25

A4                   Firebrand         4:08

B1                    Rubycon           5:04

B2                    A Louse Is Not A Home          12:51

B3                    Red Shift          6:05

B4                    People You Were Going To     2:46

“All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace – Live in England and a surprise”

“Recorded at The Reclusive Bedfellows Home in 1971/ The first three tracks of side two are Mr. Hammill going it alone in 1974/ Oh, by the way, the last 2 tracks on each side are from 1968 and are the ‘A’ and ‘B’ side of the very first Van Der Graaf single/ It’s the sooprize/ Thanks to H.Z./ Stereo”

BBC 5/10/71 & 74

From a review: “Side A is VdGG doing “Man-Erg” , “W” and “Killer” in 1971, and Side B is a 1974 Hammill unplugged performance of “Rubycon”, “A Louse Is Not A Home” and “Red Shift”. Sadly, these audience recordings are of quite wretched quality. At least the album has the bonus inclusion of the very rare first VdGG single “People You Were Going To”//”Firebrand” – unsurprisingly recorded by the bootlegger directly off a crackly old 7″.”

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