[Yes, that is John McLaughlin’s autograph on there. This copy is currently for sale on the internet for $150]

TAKRL says:

“Copied disc-to-disc from European underground. Never got the song titles exactly right.”

Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live, king of guitars.(bootleg). Atmosphere SO 3478; (retitled: Birds of pray). 
Aftermath 15; (retitled: Bundled sunspray demise). TAKRL 1923

According to other websites: “Live from 17-Aug-72, Kongresshalle, Munich TV show.”

“Joachim-Ernst Berendt introduces the Mahavishnu Orchestra at the Pre-Olympic Games Jazz Festival called ” Jazz Now ” in Munich Germany”.

The concert was broadcast live on SWF 3 radio and on TV. An indepth review in Geman can be found here:


Track names on TAKRL LP:

A1       Meeting of the Spirits               8:57

A2       You Know You Know            7:40

B1        The Dance of Maya                 7:15

B2        A Lotus on Irish Streams                     5:50

B3        Binkie’s Dream            3:06

Track names on video:

02 – Meeting of the Spirits
03 – You Know You Know
04 – The Dance of Maya
05 – One Word (end part)
06 – Resolution
07 – A Lotus on Irish Streams

From a review: “A great early boot of the original lineup, performances from either late 1971 or early 1972.  I would have given this a 4.0, but sound quality is just OK, performances are transcendental.  The band had so much power— listen to the humongous power chord that starts off “Meeting Of The Spirits” and how the guy recording immediately whacks down his recording volume on the tape!
Recommended to all McLaughlin and Mahavishnu fans alike—this may have been out as another boot entitles “Birds Of Prey”.”

Indeed it was reissued as Birds of Pray on the Aftermath label:

Mahavishnu Orch

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