Cover says “In Allen Meinungs Angelegenheiten Sind Unsere Feinde Verruckt [Translation: In all opinion cases our enemies are crazy – a good thing the writer of this blog is a native German speaker] – Twenty-one Tasty Toones Individually And Collectively”Edited and assembled by Deek himself

Button Up Your Overcoat
Shirt (*live)
Hello, Mabel (*live)
Fiddle About /Tommy’s Holiday Camp (*Tommy)
The Young Ones (by Vivian Stanshall and Kilgaron)
Oo-Chuck-A-Mao-Mao (by Neil Innes)
I’m Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight
Alley Oop
What Noise Annoys A Noisy Oyster (by Neil Innes)
Death Cab For Cutie (from the film Magical Mystery Tour)
My Brother Makes the Noises For the Talkies
Da Story of Da Bonzo Itself (*live)
Ready-Mades (*live)
Canyons Of Your Mind (*live)
Trouser Freak (by Roger Ruskin Spear)
Trouser Press (by Roger Ruskin Spear)
Dropout (by Roger Ruskin Spear)
Paper Round (by Vivian Stanshall and the Sean Head Showband)
Are You Havin’ Any Fun? (by Vivian Stanshall and Kilgaron)
I’m The Urban Spaceman (*live)* Live, probably from the Do Not Adjust Your Set TV series
* Credited on the record insert as:
“Vivian Stanshall as Uncle Ernie with the London Symphony Orchestra from Tommy”

This is from the Rainbow orchestral version. The official orchestral version has Ringo Starr as Uncle Ernie and Ken Russell’s film version has Keith Moon playing the part.


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