Buffalo Springfield StampedeBuffalo Springfield Stampede b


TAKRL says:

“We got the gold star stuff on disc at a storage company auction quite by surprise. First entirely Springfield underground. First edition with front and back cover.”

Last 4 cuts resuscitated electronically from a 1967 cassette (Whittier High School dance). Rest 1966 & 1967 outtakes

Side 1: Neighbour Don’t You Worry (2:21) (from an acetate labelled ‘Columbia Reference Recording’)/ We’ll See (2:32) (from English white album, skips near end of track are from original)/ Down To The Wire #1 (2:20) (English LP)/ Down To The Wire #2 (2:27) (from a Gold Star acetate)/ Do I Have To Come Out And Say It (3:02) (original version from the Gold Star acetate of the first Atco Buffalo Springfield LP)/ Raga One (1:25) (Gold Star acetate)/ Raga Two (3:15) (Gold Star acetate)/ My Kind Of Love (2:29) (Gold Star deleted from their first Atco LP)/ Come One (1:20) (English white LP)/ Baby Don’t Scold Me #1 (3:18) (Gold Star acetate of their first LP)
Side 2: Baby Don’t Scold Me #2 (3:02) (first Buffalo Springfield LP on Atco deleted for ‘For What It’s Worth’)/ Pay The Price (4:45)/ Nobody’s Fool; Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (6:05)/ Rock & Roll Woman (5:06)

From a reviewer:

“The fidelity of this boot is exceptional, excepting the live tracks, which are still quite acceptable. Detailed liner notes on the back cover explain the source of each track presented. For the B.S. fan, this stuff is pretty essential, available nowhere else. Grades – 2 A-‘s, 3 B+’s, 4 B’s, 3 B-‘s, a C+, and a C.”


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