Who DBResp

TAKRL says:

“Another spaniel back cover photo .First in-house photo cover. Another stereo/quad.”

Side 1

1. I Am The Sea / The Real Me
2. I Am One
3. Sea and Sand
4. Drowned

Side 2

1. Bellboy
2. Dr. Jimmy
3. Won’t Get Fooled Again
4. Pinball Wizard
5. See Me, Feel Me

Venue: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Tuesday, December 4, 1973

Originally a KBFH recording, now available in full on wolfgangsvault:

“Which brings us to the second-to-last night of this tour, when the band took to the stage of the Spectrum in Philadelphia before a sold-out house. Excerpts of this show, recorded for broadcast by the King Biscuit Flower Hour, have been the primary source of high quality recordings from this tour. The KBFH recordings from this night and the final tour stop in Largo, Maryland, have also been the source of collector confusion and the subject of debate for nearly 35 years. Ubiquitously bootlegged ever since the initial broadcasts in 1974, only those excerpts of this night’s recordings have ever circulated. Here for the first time ever is the vast majority of The Spectrum performance, from the original King Biscuit masters and sounding sonically superior to all other versions of this material in existence. Not only does this include all but one of the songs from this legendary night, but the final reel included the entirety of the encore, previously unknown to have been recorded.”


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