1911: EMERSON,LAKE AND PALMER ‘The Callow and Crash and Idle Eyes’ + ‘TOUR OF THE AMERICAS PART THREE’ :aftermath 3 + ‘THIS DOUBLE ALBUM RATED “A” FOR ACID’ : glc

TAKRL says:

“We fit on one album what Manticore fit on three one year later. The Star Trek stuff was supplied by Magic Patchbay. Side one originally contained trekkie bits between each song but had to be reissued in a second edition without them to meet time mastering requirements. Cover by Roy N. Oak. It was Spaniel’s photo; quad.”

From a review: “Some people say this is from the same source / live show as the Welcome back 3Lp ( Offical live LP ). The guitar sections in Karn evil 9 – 1st impression are different on this than WBMFTTSTNE.
Jerusalem and Toccata sound from a different concert than the rest of the LP ( Unknown concert ). If they are all from the same source concert has WBMFTTSTNE then there as been a hell of a lot of edited. Of course if any kind person can enlighten us all on the source etc that would be great.

The big bonus on this LP are the Star Trek Bloopers in between some track that the bootleggers have inserted they where taken from the season one episode ” The Devil In The Dark ” and are very funny and worth the price of the LP”


Also copied on Aftermath’s TOUR OF THE AMERICAS  PART THREE LP :

ELP TotA pt 3


ELP glc-207Two inserts

ELP glc-207 IIELP glc-207 lbl

Disc 1 (Long Beach 1972) is a reissue of the first master used for The Callow and Crash and Idle Eyes as the “Star Trek bloopers” are present.

Disc 2 presents material previously found on Phonygraf’s Celestial Doggie: The Lobster Quadrille double album and the first two Aftermath TOUR OF THE AMERICAS volumes.

All of this has since been officially released by the band as The Original Bootleg Series From The Manticore Vaults Vol 1

  1. nigel dodds said:

    hi there,
    getting out my KBFH cds and comparing with callow crash….. it would seem to me that the bulk of the takrl release (excluding jerusalem/toccata) is from the march tulsa broadcast. this appears true of all available official
    and unofficial releases claiming to be from anaheim 73/74. there is some editting on the callow crash version but
    all the ‘whoops’ (end of hoedown) and ‘thank you’s’ correspond with the ‘flower hour’ material.

  2. nigel dodds said:

    sorry i didn’t include this earlier – the tusla date was 07 march 74

  3. Rick said:

    Looking for the EMERSON,LAKE AND PALMER ‘The Callow and Crash and Idle Eyes’ do you have it?

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