“The magic Patchbay assembled these tapes. This and the following ELP disc were his last association with TAKRL. He joined the Army.”

I would like to thank one of my favorite bootleg needle droppers “Doinker”, who has been sharing his work on dimeadozen.org for the following detective work and permission to use his words:

The Moody Blues Mega-Rare Restored Vinyl “Grande Toure” LA Forum 1972-11-1 and 1974-01-30

First of all: Forget about what the discographies say where these shows were recorded and which tracks are on what date.

They are wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!

The first two tracks on this incredible album are most probably from the November 1972 concert at the LA Forum. The rest of the tracks are absolutely and definitely a cut up and rearranged version of the LA Forum show on 1974-01-30, and you can tell anyone else who has a differing opinion that I have the facts proven from a most reliable source. Although I can’t go into the details, you can sort of prove it for yourself: The group had just returned from a tour of Japan. Check out the track listings on any of those shows – it’s track by track the same after the first two songs on this album. The first two tracks were also not performed at all on the 1974 west coast tour.

As for the performances – heavenly!!!!!

Here is the verified setlist for January 30:

Intro/Higher and Higher
Out And In
The Story In Your Eyes
One More Time To Live
Tuesday Afternoon
Legend Of A Mind
Watching And Waiting
Eternity Road
Discussion about Japan trip
Melancholy Man
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
The Dream
Have You Heard? Pt1
The Voyage
Have You Heard? Pt2
Nights In White Satin
I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
Ride My Seesaw

Here’s the setlist for this album:


After You Came
When You’re A Free Man


Are You Sitting Comfortably?
The Dream
Have You Heard? Pt1
The Voyage
Have You Heard? Pt2
Higher And Higher
Out And In
Legend Of A Mind
I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)

A Simple Game (studio track)

As you can see, the beginning of the show has been moved to the second side of the LP. Why that is, is anybody’s guess – maybe the geniuses at TAKRL thought it tracked better that way.


Re-released as The Late Great Moody Blues on the Aftermath label.

Moody Blues TLGMB

  1. Glen Banks said:

    I love this LP. Since there were so many Mike Pinder songs on this collection, I asked Mike to autograph it for me. He sweetly obliged with his signature and the comment: “Where’s my 10 percent?”

    • Hi, do you have a scan or photo of the autograph? Would love to add that here.

      • Glen Banks said:

        I sent an email with attachments. Let me know if you did or didn’t get it!

  2. Glen Banks said:

    Sure. I’d love to share that. Where should I send it?

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