TAKRL says:

“First issues contain an unfortunate printing error making the young lady on the cover appear medically unsound. This was corrected later. First TAKRL to carry exacting mono/stereo/live / studio info, a practice we never knowingly deviated from.”

A1 Bad Side Of The Moon 2:56
A2 Lady Samantha 3:01
A3 It’s Me That You Need 3:59

A4 Border Song 4:25 [live]

A5 Into The Old Man’s Shoes 3:58

A6 Country Comfort 5:37 [live]
A7 Screw You 4:45
B1 I Need You To Turn To 2:32 [live]
B2 Rock And Roll Madonna 4:17
B3 Grey Seal 3:30
B4 Amoreena 4:51 [live]
B5 Jack Rabbit 1:47
B6 Step Into Christmas 4:32
B7 Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who’d Be A Turkey At Christmas) 4:07
B8 Whenever You’re Ready (We’ll Go Steady Again) 2:50
From wikipedia: “”Rock and Roll Madonna” is a song by Elton John with lyrics written by Bernie Taupin. The song was released as a single in Britain in 1970 [backed w. “Grey Seal”], where it never charted. It appeared on several bootlegs and rarities compilations before it appeared on the 1995 remaster of his self-titled album. The song structure is, as the title says, a rock and roll song. Live-effects has been added, with an audience cheering throughout most of the song, anticipating similar usage in Bennie and the Jets.”
The idea of presenting Elton with a naked female “mound” on this cover- whether this “juxtaposition” was intended or not –  must rank as one of the funniest ever in the history of RnR covers, sez the writer of this blog. … I hope Elton got to see it.

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