TAKRL says:

“First album entirely created by Art Gnuvo, Deek Kibard and the Doctor. First TAKRL to mix media sources. First editions contain first TAKRL custom back cover on how Bowie applies his make-up.”


‎”The 1980 Floor Show was filmed over three days and selected tracks over this period were collected for an one hour TV broadcast at a slightly later date. Superman, Hang Onto Yourself and Man In The Middle were not broadcast during the NBC American special, although they are included on this bootleg.
Set List: 1984/Dodo, Sorrow, Everything’s Alright, Space Oddity, Superman, Hang Onto Yourself, Man In The Middle, I Can’t Explain, Time, The Jean Genie and I Got You Babe (w/ Marianne Faithfull).”
From reviews: “After a couple of prompts here and there I decided to listen to ‘Dollars’ for the first time in ages. Listening to this again was like meeting up with an old friend.A huge bear hug was the order of the day! This,along with Ziggy’s Last Stand and All American Bowie were the first bootlegs i ever bought. A classic in its own right Dollars came in plain white card sleeve,a paper insert for a sleeve with a plain blank label. It was fear and intrepidation, you pays your money and take a chance. I wasn’t to be disappointed. Dollars was made up of material from Bowie’s 1980 Floor Show and three songs from his Arnold Corns period ,Hang On To Yourself,The Supermen and Man In The Middle.
Does anyone remember the little gimmicks and voice overs between the tracks? Well this album had the lot, from someone walking on a pebbled beach, to Groucho Marx singing ‘Ugly Duckling’ and even some college girls having a chit chat! “
‎Bassman states: “The first issue of this disc has two inserts, one on the front side and one on the back side. The one on the back side features an article called “David Bowie’s Make Up Do’s And Dont’s”. Because of this, the first edition is often called MAKE UP DO’S AND DONT’S. The first issue has printed TAKRL labels. The second issue has only the front insert, and mock labels. The third issue came in a b&w printed cover, and has no printed labels. THE SUPERMEN is from the compilation LP “GLASTONBURY FAYRE”, and is a version recorded specially for that album. HANG ON TO YOURSELF and MAN IN THE MIDDLE are both official Arnold Corns versions.
By the way, the back side of all the printed TAKRL is the same, except for SOFT IN THE MIDDLE (1974) and THE 1972 AMERICAN TOUR (1978).”
I did not find a good quality image of the back insert but I did find the original article:
Bowie Make UP DaD
Later reissued with GLC and Ruthless Rhymes labels:
Bowie 1984 Floor Show disc 1Bowie 1984 Floor Show blu
  1. paul matley said:

    I have a copy of dollars in drag with the back make-up cover


    How would the inside insert get printed at the time? Mimeograph?

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