TAKRL 1900 THE BEATLES ON STAGE IN JAPAN : THE 1966 TOUR (tri-color insert)

“Our first record, the first issue of these tracks in the original world. Our tape came from the soundtrack of the then-obscure Japanese film. The cover was found by Ted McCue at a California artisans` fair. Listed in Hot Wacks (hereafter referred to as “HW”) as a copy of another LP. Wrong. In an experiment with color a while later, we reissued this as “Five nights in a Judo Arena” on a label with an outrageous pun for a name. The cover of 1900 is the only Sgt.Pepper outtake we’ve ever seen.”

These words were written in the 1970’s and since then many more outtake photos from the Sgt. Pepper cover session have surfaced. In 1974, the cover must have been quite “hot”, of course.

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  1. fred said:

    yo tengo uno pero color azul 1900 a 1900b takrl

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