Birth of a (real niche) blog

Welcome! I started getting interested in bootleg vinyl in the mid 70s, attracted by the idea that a band’s/performer’s collectable works could be expanded immensely by including surviving recordings from their live performances and studio outtakes.

The focus of the blog is on cover art design and an analysis of the what you are actually listening to. I will start with the label that gave this blog its name, as they not only were a major player in the mid 70s but also had some excellent cover designs. Other releases will follow. I started this work on the Facebook group “TAKRL: The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label” and I wanted to have more control over the format this way.


“Though TAKRLs ‘experiments’ were not always successful, either aesthetically or commercially, they were at last issuing something different from standard bootleg fodder…”

And they had some fun with it, at least it looks like they did – and I like that.

  1. trip said:

    love this blog- fascinating stuff.

  2. john said:

    finally someone took the time to do so….great work…
    did you know the son of one of the godfathers from TAKRL, found in a basement in an old toilet in their house
    masters from several TAKRL records, stamps, acetates, all in original packages. I think for about 2 years ago he put them on ebay. the auctions were ended before the end of auction someone did an enourmous offer for those gems You can find a blog from a TAKRL GUY ( yes..the bookwriter and sailor todays ) where he answers why did they solkd them..they simply could’t refuse the offer. . It was the same time also the envelope with labels, ( on your blog ) were sold at ebay. Also were sold…in a big envelope..lots of different coloured round TMOQ stickers, unfortunately i lost those informations, auctions and scans due to a pc crash. If someone read this,,the guy who bought those gems..maybe you are so friendly to sent them to the author of this blog.
    dear takrlblogger..i can give you more info about some Takrl releases.
    with regards John

    • Thank you for your comments, John. Any contributions and links are welcome.

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