A word from the Producer

The Doctor was born April 1, 1796 in a most austere farmhouse in his native Anytown, USA and he died in the same room July 4,1976 the victim of a supposed crossbow accident. Some said it was suicide. Some said it was jealousy. Some said it was merely an assassination. All we know is that it was not a mistake. During its life the Amazing Kornyfone Record Label created ninety-eight projects: eighty-five single albums, twelve double albums and one triple album. Since the late doctor’s demise, any number of curious entities have appeared utilizing the Doctor’s graven images, taking his otherwise good name in vain. Hopefully, these writings will help set the record straight once and for all.

Well, first off, let’s mention what won’t be listed and is available elsewhere: The track lists. These listing here are meant to be used in conjunction with the track lists which can be found in an edition of Hot Wacks, a publication which appears out of Canada. Where Hot Wacks titles are inaccurate, they have been corrected here. Our source is the fourth edition Hot Wacks, published in early 1978.
Secondly, it should be understood that Kornyfone Records were issued in three stages. It breaks down like this. First came 1900 through 1950. Then a semi retirement, then back for 1951 to 1984. Another pause, then a reunion, under curious circumstances, to create a project to utilize unused numbers in the 1900-1984 sequence. (The final efforts are marked with a double-cross #, for identification).
Thirdly, the albums are listed numerically although this is not the strict order of issue but more or less accurate taking into account the third issue mentioned above.

Finally, it is to be noted that a number of albums were issued after the first post 1950 retirement using Kornyfone numerical sequences 1960-1968 although these discs neither looked nor smelled like TAKRL Records the world had come to know and love. When Kornyfone restarted, these bogus Lps were ignored and series 1990-1997 was created. A nine with a bar over its 9 is a proof reader’s symbol that a nine should be inverted to be a six. These records were also marked “Lost in our vault’s until now” as another clue to you. These records appear in this list in their proper place. Other than that, there are only two mistakes in the TAKRL numerical sequencing and we will speak of that when we get to` em. Thank you. Let’s get started.”


End of a bootleg label – evidence collected by the Westminster, CA police department:


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